Drool Of Rock

About Our Unique Music Filled Childcare Center

We're proud to introduce you and your family to an incredible and unforgettable music-filled learning experience for pre-school aged children like nothing you've ever seen before.

We are a learning center for 2-5 year old children, with a curriculum that stresses the power of music in education. Our curriculum features live performances by family-friendly musicians from all over the Baltimore and surrounding areas.


Images of Our Fun and Colorful Childcare Center


More About Our Music-Filled Program

Every day we have circle time, writing exercise, mathematics, science, art, and music. The children in our center have music time at the end of every day, created by our incredibly talented list of local supporting musicians. Every day, during music time, our students sing, shake and shimmy to original songs written specifically to coincide with the material current in their curriculum, as well as instrumental basics, live performances, movement exercises and much more.

Our staff is compiled of loving and experienced teachers along with a growing list of incredibly talented and energetic performers. We don't want children to just "go to our school" we want them to "experience our school". Every single thing about us will provide an experience for your child like nothing else available.

Our activity areas are imaginative, educational and loaded with fun. Your child won't just sit in the same room all day... they will travel through the hallways with their teachers to the activity areas for story time, recess, movement exercises, imaginative play and music times.

Our hallways are magical. Our activity rooms are inspiring. Our curriculum is incredible. And our music program is rockin'.

We are so grateful for all the support we are receiving from the music community and the list of talent on board with our program is continually growing. Check out our music program for further information on performers.


Facts About Drool of Rock

We are a 6,000 sf building with a 2,500 sf outdoor play area.

We will provide morning and afternoon snacks, milk and water. Children are required to bring a lunch daily.

Our center prides itself on it's soaring levels of creativity, energy and incredibly rockin' atmosphere

The children will visit our activity rooms daily where they can read, relax, explore, learn and play.

We have a one of a kind music program for pre-schoolers, consisting of daily music, song time and interactive performances from local musicians.

Drool of Rock is preparing to take over the childcare industry and pre-school world through our revolutionary center and one of a kind experience. Send an email to jenn@droolofrock.com to schedule a tour of our rockin' facility.


Drool of Rock — Located at 532 Cranbrook Road

Map to Drool of Rock


Drool of Rock | (410) 667-ROCK | 532 Cranbrook Road Cockeysville, Maryland 21030


Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 7am - 6pm